what we do

Concerts and Music Videos

We love to go on location with multiple cameras and professional sound crews, capturing the energy of your live performance, increasing your fan base and booking more gigs at bigger venues!

Interviews and Testimonials

I listen and have a special gift for connecting with people, creating a comfortable space where they express from the heart, reflecting who you are and what you do.

Event Photography

Desiring of a joyful, interactive, community building photographer, or maybe a fly on the wall, capturing those rare moments that most photographers miss, reflecting the vibe of the moment? That’s me!

Event Videography

Putting on an event? My gift is a combination of both creating the space and capturing the moment for future marketing and products to sell—and nothings sells future events better than heartfelt testimonials!

Art and Nature

With a passion for photography, eye for beauty, and technical skills to match, I would love to come to your winery, garden, or sacred location and capture the feel with photos and on video!

Marketing and Promotional

Video and photos that really Pop! are the most powerful marketing tools out there, and Social Media is where it’s at! I have extensive marketing knowledge to get you out there!